An Essential Project of LAASA Foundation

Clothes, shelter, vessels and blankets, etc. are the basic needs which everybody should have. Now and then, we witness many are striving very hard to lead their lives without these basic needs. LAASA Foundation supports such deserving people not only to assist their life but also to have a compassionate support to them. We do respond when any fire accidents, natural calamities do happen. Our focus is to provide at least basic needs to as many deserving as possible.

Basic Needs Assistance

Activities Under The Project

A000700-Discover your gift

Code: A000700 Project: Food & Nutrition Assistance Volunteer: Ruppa Ramana Murthy Beneficiaries: Neelapu Ammanna And other 5 Need: A poor & Needy families need Food

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A000699-Meaningful Life

Code: A000699 Project: Food & Nutrition Assistance Volunteer: Mirthipati Sivaprasad Beneficiaries: Rayalavari Kanya kumari Need: A poor family need Food & Nutrition Assistance Location: Kakiveedhi,

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A000698-Give to the world

Code: A000698 Project: Food & Nutrition Assistance Volunteer: Loddi Venkata Lakshmi Beneficiaries: Korada Kalavathi & 4 other Need: Poor families in need for Food &

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A000697-Do Good

Code: A000697 Project: Food & Nutrition Assistance Volunteer: Kilari Srinivasa Rao Beneficiaries: Ch. Kiranmayee Need: A poor woman in need for Food & Nutrition Assistance

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