CODE: A001415PROJECT : Livelihood AssistanceBENEFICIARY NAME : Gandiboyina Chella RaoVOLUNTEER NAME : ANAPARTHI CHANDRA SEKHARLOCATION : Paravada, VishakapatnamSUPPORT : LAASA Provided Livelihood Support To Daily Wage LaboursGandiboyina Chella Rao age 40 y is a resident of Paravada, Vishakapatnam. Himself and his brother are maintaining a little cycle mechanic shop. But, recently the shop turned to ash in a fire accident. They are leading their lives only


CODE: A001173PROJECT : Livelihood AssistanceBENEFICIARY NAME : Bandaru NagamaniVOLUNTEER NAME : Jamma LakshmiLOCATION : Champagalli street, Srikakulam SUPPORT : LAASA Provided Livelihood Support To Deserving PersonBandaru Nagamani Age 25Y Is A Resident Of Champagalli Street, Srikakulam Recently She Lost Her Husband. She Is Having Two Little Kids. She Is Facing Lot Of Difficulty Even To Lead Her Life. She Is The Poorest Of The Poor And Needs Our Laasa Suppo


CODE: A001091PROJECT : Livelihood AssistanceBENEFICIARY NAME : Balabadruni SrideviVOLUNTEER NAME : Surampalli BrahmmajiLOCATION : Champagalli Street,Srikakulam. SUPPORT : LAASA Provided Livelihood Support To Needy PersonBalabadruni Sridevi Age 36 Years Is A Resident Of Champagalli Street,Srikakulam .Recently She Lost Her Husband Balabadruni Srinivasa Rao As He Had Suffered Rom Brain Tumor. They Have Two Children She Is Leading A Heart Time Evan To Have Pro


CODE: A001070PROJECT : Livelihood AssistanceBENEFICIARY NAME : Dhavala Kalyan ChakravarthyVOLUNTEER NAME : Smt Dusi AnnapurnaLOCATION : Koti street, Near krishna Park , Srikakulam SUPPORT : LAASA Provided Livelihood Support To Deserving Person Dhavala Kalyan Chakravarthy Age 35 Is A Resident Of Koti Street, Near Krishna Park , Srikakulam . He Is Leading His Life By Doing Typewritting On Computer. His Father Become Very Old And He Lost His Brother In A Road


CODE: A000936PROJECT : Livelihood AssistanceBENEFICIARY NAME : Mylipali.NeelaveniVOLUNTEER NAME : Dumpa RamaraoLOCATION : Badivanipeta,yechharla Mandalam, Srikakulam. SUPPORT : LAASA Provided Livelihood Support To Physically Challenged PersonMylipali.Neelaveni Age 25 Is A Resident Of Badivanipeta,Yechharla Mandalam Srikakulam. She Belongs To Fisher Man Community. She Is Also A Physically Challenged Person She Is Very Poor And Deserving She Wants To With St


CODE: A000935PROJECT : Livelihood AssistanceBENEFICIARY NAME : Vishakota.GayatriVOLUNTEER NAME : Perla SujeerLOCATION : Compost Colony, Srikakulam SUPPORT : LAASA Provided Livelihood Support To Throt Cancer PatientVishakota.Gayatri, Age 28 Yrs, W/O Vishakota. Simha Atchuta Sanjeev Rao Age : 40 Years Are Resident Of Compost Colony,Srikakulam.Recently Husband Died Due To Throt Cancer. Her Family Has Total 5 Members All Are Depended On Her. We LAASA Provided


CODE: A000904PROJECT : Livelihood AssistanceBENEFICIARY NAME : Kintali Laxmana RekhaVOLUNTEER NAME : Kintali Ganapathi RaoLOCATION : KollivalasaSUPPORT : LAASA Provided Livelihood Support To Deserving And Needy FamilyKintali Laxmana Rekha Age 23 y Is A Resident Of Kollivalasa, Gara Mandal, Srikakulam. She Belongs To Very Poor Family. Her Husband Is A Kooli, Children And Other Family Members Depended On Her. She Has The Skill Of Tailoring And Can Earn Some


CODE : A000868PROJECT : Livelihood AssistanceBENEFICARY NAME : Chalapaka TavitayyaVOLUNTEER  NAME : Potnuru PrakashLOCATION : Voppangi, SrikakulamSUPPORT : LAASA Provided Livelihood Support To Very Deserving PersonChalapaka Tavitayya Age 60 y Is A Resident Of Voppangi, Srikakulam. He Has No One To Take Care And Now He Is Struggling Very Hard To Lead His Life As He Lost His Son. This Old Man Has The Skill Of Stitching Clothes. We LAASA Provided Livelihood S


CODE: A000807PROJECT : Livelihood AssistanceBENEFICIARY NAME :  Pulagam.RajaVOLUNTEER  NAME : Chinthamalla KarunakarLOCATION : Khammam,TelanganaSUPPORT : LAASA Provided Support To A Young Person Pulagam Raja Is A Resident Of Khammam Telangana. This Young Person Has A Great Skill Of Cooking He Belong To Very Poor And Down Trodden Family He Is Financially  Very Low Even To Start A Tiffin Stall We LAASA Provided Some Basic Things To Start His New Business It


CODE: A000763 PROJECT : Livelihood AssistanceBENEFICIARY NAME :  Sadhu SrinivasaRaoVOLUNTEER  NAME : Maheswari DusiLOCATION : Kongaram,SrikakulamSUPPORT : LAASA Provided Livelihood Support To Very DeservingSadhu SrinivasarRao,Age 27y is a resident of Kongaram,Srikakulam, four years back he fell from a tree and his spinal cord was badly damaged after several surgeries and treatments he did not come to normal position. His both legs and hands were paralyzed