Sometimes, its the help from the smallest, that keeps the tree upright, the building straight, the foundations strong. Its what even stopped the Leaning Tower of Pisa from falling; even though leaning, better than falling..
We see that examples in our every day life. One of the best examples, in the most recent time, was that displayed by our esteemed member – Anemi Jeevana Rao.
Jeevanaraogaaru, a school teacher, lives in Arasavilli and that’s where he came across one Mr. M.Prasad Rao, a postman who’s a very energetic person, an avid reader. Times were not good on him though and he’s recently sufferred from a Massive heart attack and also had a Bypass surgery, but his will power must have been amazing to have survived it. But he’s still weak and in no position to work. As a result, his family has no source of income. This time of despair was really a test to them, when they came to the notice of Mr. Jeevana Rao.
So, Mr. Jeevana Rao did what was the best thing, he thought for the family – contact the LAASA Foundation. And we did the best we could, for him. Under the LAASA Foundation’s 100 day food programme, we have provided 25 kilograms of rice coupled with groceries and other essentials, so that they can live without any difficulties for at least a month, and in the meantime, give Mr. M. Prasad Rao enough time to heal and get back on his feet at the very least. We would be closely monitoring his situation to see if he needs any more help and we’ll do all that we can, to help them out of these dark times.
Its help at the grass roots level which is the most essential, in keeping the cogs of the machinery working, to remind us all, that we have to start low, in order to rise high, for we are the LAASA Foundation and we Love all and Serve all.