Sometimes the philosophy of detachment and unwilling thoughts over this luxurious world is the fruitful way we feel. Every life takes an emerge by birth and any physical life will take an end by the death. These two are very particular and also similar. We don’t know who we are before our birth and what we are after death. The passage of this life track comprises of ups and downs completely. Some believe in the philosophy of Karma and some not. But the day of death is certain when we take birth. The time is prime for all that goes and happens. It is the ruler which rewards us and punishes us. Reasons cannot be understood as they are inexplicable.

Growing physically is nothing but going to hug the shade of death. In this life train journey, some reach the station quite early while some pass the time in the journey quite impatiently. The spirituality may provide us energy of awareness. The divinity within us will be the guide. The soul being the fragrance will make a difference between a natural and an artificial. This life is not just we take but it just happens.

A vision has identified a pain and wanted the pain be reduced because gain cannot be added to it. That vision is full of love and care. We all, one day or the other will feel bad of God and Time. The vision here is a LAASA Volunteer V. Hemalatha’s Vision fell on a 15 year young lad suffering from Leukemia (Blood Cancer) we can’t change the fate and we should not be late in rendering our worthy support. This young boy Y. Shiva Kumar who is staying in A.Koduru Village, K. Kotapadu Mandal, Visakhapatnam District has discontinued his meritorious studies because of the curse on his health. His father is a below average financial condition worker in a private firm. We cannot take out the disease, but certainly can stand by and pat this young boy’s shoulder with a positive and a loving touch.

With the request from our LAASA Volunteer V. Hemalatha, LAASA responded instantly like a ray of hope and endorsed the treatment part to our Volunteers, Mr. Y. Jagadeesh, Mr. V. Sri Kanth and Mr. P Shravan Kumar of Hyderabad. The patient was admitted in Basavatharakam Indo American Institute of Cancer, Hyderabad by our volunteers. We THE LAASA have paid Rs. 13000 towards the medical bill of this tenure.

The words of the father of this tender kid are as follows…
“Dear LAASA,
You are not aware of what we are…. And what our condition is…! But yet the sense of humanity, you people have loved us and taken care more than a family. We are ever in debt to the foundation. Thank You…”

These words refer to each one of our Volunteer and our contributions. We do not belong to one caste, religion or region but we belong to the caste of humanity and religion of love and region of world. Many may come and many may go but who stays at least for some time in the hearts of people even after their death are the real beings. Service cannot be completed even if it is attended by millions of associations. We the LAASA Foundation are not trying to build a foundation structure. We just spread the net of love over this mossy world and a desire to catch the hearts which love us in return. Just think a while. A real smile on a needy face is the true award to our foundation. A gentle touch of gratitude of the deserving beneficiary is the reward. We are ever thankful to our volunteers’ fruitful love. May the almighty shower His grace and provide energy to all of us in this life race.