We wake up from bed and merge in our daily routine in household works or in daily earning. The family is a small unit of loving people where the emotions, sorrows and pleasures are equally shared but in the passage of time and in the daily routine any addictions attack the header of the family probably that house can be named as the hell.

Today millions of families are suffering from these alcoholic and smoking addictions. As a result of this alcoholic addiction by the family header is a strong curse to every individual in the family. Sons’ education, daughters’ marriage and wife’s health – everything will be ignored by this status.

Two boys studying in the same school met on a road after several years sharing their pains and gains. One boy has shared…

“Dear Friend,

I am in great troubles. As you know my father is an unbothered person just takes care of his drinking instead of family. My mother is sick and she needs surgery for her disc. It costs more than Rs. 40000/-. I don’t know how I could meet it. As I am working for daily wage, this is like a rock on a little ant.“

The friend who listened to this tearful fact, was moved and said instantly

“I may not be personally able to provide you the whole or a part of money which you want…, but I am a Volunteer of LAASA Foundation, there with love we help the needy people.”

He is none other than our Volunteer Mr. P. Jagadeesh. The foundation has helped a fraction of their necessity. But this just happened because of humanity. As we are living with many emotions we must feel the pain equivalently, not just wipe out the tears, to reduce the pain of our inner soul. Heartfelt Emotions and Love Provides is HELP. For we Love all and Serve All.