The earth is called ‘The Blue Planet’ in this solar system. On this planet for sustainability any creature must take food. Food is the basic element which keeps our life on. Surprisingly, do we know that we are wasting about 40% of food each day on this globe?

On the other side, many people are crying, begging, running on roads and searching on streets just to feed their bellies. Always children and elders must keep in our mind food is god. Hence, we should not waste it. This wastage can be a great asset to the needy if it is properly utilized. Here huger criticizes the developing world. Such hunger even leads some families to put an end to their lives by suicide.

This is not a mere movie story. Here we mention is a true living life story of a family where the species of hunger has cursed them.

Our volunteer mr. V. Sravan Kumar has noticed a family with the help of another volunteer Mrs. S. Jagadamba. This durgamma family was holding 5 members. Cardiac patient husband. Husbandless daughter with two kids. This old lady has no work to do and to earn or to eat. One day the little granddaughter has advised her grand mother

“Oh grand ma, let us all take poisonous pesticide and put our lives to an end. Then this mighty nonsense hunger will not trouble us.”

The above lines has initiated our volunteers to council this family and we the foundation has adopted this deserving family under LAASA 100 day food program at Visakhapatnam.

Lovingly provided rice and grocery and supported mentally, gave strength to live by words and actions.

“Dear LAASA Volunteers,

We are able to save 5 lives and able to feed a needy family for hundred days with all of your cordial loving and wonderful support. There we prove that we love all and serve all.”