There was a small village with a limited houses and there was a temple in that tiny village. One evening as it was getting dark, every house was getting ready to light a lamp as there was no power facility in that village. Before the dusk, the priest in the temple finished all rituals. While closing the door, he poured a bit more oil to the lighting lamp. A devotee there had asked “as your work here is over why do you make the lamp glow for the night???” The priest just smiled… Subsequently, there was no proper matchbox or fire available at any house, this created a darkened village. The devotee who was in his dark hut, searching for something to light the lamp but failed. When he was thinking, suddenly he recollected the smile of the priest and his question at the temple. The devotee went to the temple for the help of the priest taking the lamp from his home and make it lit with the help of the lighting lamp in the temple. Then he passed his lamp to the other houses and gave light to the whole village.
When the goodness lies in a person, it’s like the lamp in the temple. It is always useful to transform this world. When there is zeal of serving with a generous heart, this heart can inspire many such generous hearts. This what happened our Volunteer Mr. Govinda Rao Vunna spread the message of LOVE ALL AND SERVE ALL to his beloved friends and made them search for the needy people. At last all these noble volunteers served by providing food to four old women under LAASA 100 day food program. Love is like a Perineal Stream which can serve many along its way. LAASA is just a path to such… We all together filling the old bellies with a gold thought. For loving and serving all.