Knowledge is the guide to ride in this modern era. The education will provide such awareness to live promptly with values and ethics. This education is nearly a tough task to many poor children around us. We come across many meritorious children but their merit lacks support and encouragement. If you do come across such master minds, what will you do?

Certainly, we extend our helping hands. Books, stationary, texts and guides….these materials will not provide knowledge. Talents are to be hunted and to be polished in order to keep these little lights at the heights.

LAASA always will have focus on providing educational support because we believe in knowledge-not in sharpen edge. We the foundation got a phone call that some huts were burnt in a fire accident at K.K.Naidupeta village, Srikakulam dist. Many generous hearts provided many useful things to these fire accident victims, but the children of these families have lost their books and bags in this calamity. Those things turned into ash but their future should not.

Our volunteers Mrs.Usharani and Krishna Jyoti have made a request, we with the support of our volunteers S.Jayaram Gupta and S.Anu Radha have provided school bags, books, pads, pens, drawing books, crayons and many more to 6 children. These kids jumped in joy and strongly felt there is someone to love them and care them. We fulfill wishes and dreams of them. LAASA is like a mother in guiding children and a father in guiding them.