Do you know the worse of the heart trouble is lacking compassion in it? Surprisingly, we admire and worship even statues, rocks, trees and so on. Have we ever thought that we are missing in enjoying the divinity by loving and admiring the people around us? Because, each human is the reflection of the almighty. The body is a temple and the soul is the almighty which resides in it. Loving is the true worship.

We utter many deeds for living, saving but had we ever thought that what gives us the real contentment..The mansions? The balances in the banks? The jewelry? The four wheelers? No….no…no…. all these can make our life comfortable but cannot fill our hearts with the nectar of true contentment. If we want to taste the heavenly bliss of contentment, we have to do only one job. That is very simple. Just Love all….

With this motto, our volunteer Mr.O.Durga Prasad had identified a poor old mother by name Mrs.B.Achyutamma at Pydibheemavaram Village, Srikakulam Dist. unable to lead her life as she was greatly denied by her drunkard son. Even meeting of both ends is a big task for that mother. We the LAASA as a loving son, supported her by providing food under LAASA 100 day food project.

There is no need to go to the forest or far away and do some sort of penance. We can feel the bliss and peace right here because they are not outside elements, they are within us. The key to own this treasure is practicing the concept of loving all in each act of our life.