The kindness in heart is an imbibing quality of any individual. Sometimes this kindness will come out of us in many forms like a tear or like a loving word or like a gentle touch. Many peoples generosity cannot take a form of help as many of us are leading an average life. We may come across many times let us do at least a little help to the needy whom we saw but our wallet and conditions will not permit us to fulfill the need pod needy. Striking this valued point, LAASA foundation has taken shape. Our kindness or mercy should not stop with some limits. Each one of us must be able to fulfill the task by addressing the necessity of a needy in a united manner, a small example….a bag cannot be lifted with one finger, if the fingers are 2, 3 and more, we can hold and lift. Likewise, one person may not be able to render a selfless deed. But if we are 2, 3 and LAASA…we can take out the needy from the oceans of grief

Exactly, this is happened with our volunteer Mr.V.ChakradharRao. He noticed a college going boy Mr.L.Durga Prasad at Srikakulam studying 2nd year inter who was facing a great trouble to pat his fee. The poor student’s father was expired and the person who helped him all these days also fell into deep problems and unable to do anything to this poor kid. We the LAASA taken up this challenge and provided educational assistance to this deserving student.

The power of unity is so great in experiencing rather than defining. All the volunteers are tied with a thread of love which is invisible. We can do when we are united. We can grow when we are pure. We can prove when we are self-motivated. May all of our dreams will come true with the immense support of our beloved LAASA.