Literacy is the highest need of any nation on this globe. The growth and development of any land is decided by the factor of literacy of the people of that land. Developing and under developing countries are still struggling hard in various ways to have cent percent literacy. Why do we address this literacy first above all needs of a particular nation? The question is quite simple and the answer is much comprehensive.

Literacy provides knowledge, knowledge gives power of discrimination, discrimination brings values, values develop unity and unity is the strength which causes wealth and prosperity. The education in government sector is the most needed thing in rural India as the people there in remote areas are not having any other source of learning except government schooling. The government is providing free education, food, books and uniforms. We all should really appreciate and encourage this noble task addressed by our beloved government.

As a little support to this mighty task, we the LAASA provided stainless steel plates to 30 children of Mandal Praja Parishad Primary school of Jonnam, a remote village in Polaki mandal, Srikakulam Dist., AP through our volunteer Mr.Baratam Raju.

As a citizen of this holy nation, we should have a firm intention towards our nation. Let us serve our motherland with a divine thought that it is greater than any heaven. LAASA is sanctified in service of this noble land.