We cannot feel the taste of sweet when we eat it alone because the true sweetness can be felt by sharing. In this regard, ants are the true teachers to this entire universe. They share the food they get. They do not forget their fellow beings. They are very little in size but we do say that they are above all human beings in following this value of sharing.

We do sometimes feel that what this life is full of selfishness-my family, my caste, my region and my…and mine… We may not avoid this thought fully but we can just reduce by a bit of selfless help to the sufferers and needy.

If you want to know and notice the sorrow in one particular life, we can identify their misery by gazing into their eyes. In this way, our volunteer Mr.P.Seetharamulu had identified an old mother V.Sanyasiamma at Chipurapalli Town, Viziangaram Dist. dragging her life on the rough roads of fate even not having proper food to eat. Earlier there was a support of her daughter; this support has vanished with the loss of her son in law. Our volunteer stood like a son and provided food provision under 100 day food and nutrition project to this poor old mother.

We all must remember one particular and important statement that living for ourselves is life, living for others is love-loving ourselves is selfishness, loving others without any expectation is selflessness. Let us be aware and transform to “taste the heavenly bliss” in us by following the path of selfless love.