All of us have separate goals, ambitions, aspirations and dreams. Earning assets, owning flats and four-wheelers and so on comes under the category of dreams but each individual will have an inherent objective to define their birth and to have a mark of them in this world. God has given mercy, compassion, love and care along with feelings and desires. Each one of us, at some point of time in our life has to change and notice the inner bliss or peace by these virtuous qualities.

There is water under the ground. It is a known fact. But when it is drawn out? When the soil is taken out. Even we can feel the proximity of bliss and inner peace with the removal of jealous, ego, hatred and greediness. As a human being, we try each minute, hour and day to improve our financial and living status. Besides this, as a true human being we should possess our goodness and improve our values. Leading a healthy life may prolong the span of our life, leading a wealthy life may provide comforts to life but leading a virtuous life will give a real meaning to our life. Do good, be good is the only path which can improve our virtuousness. With this inspiration, our volunteer L.Bhavani came forward to provide food provision under 100 day food and nutrition project to 4 old lonely poor persons at Vamaravalli village, Srikakulam Dist.

Tara Yerramma, 60years old

Nilapu Appannamma, 63 years old

Mamidi Mugatamma, 65 years old

Nagula Mugatamma, 68 years old

LAASA admires L.Bhavani and team for their initiation not only caring the needy but also showering love on them. Applaud to their love and service which flows from the depth of their hearts to spread the message of love all and serve all. We the LAASA stand for that objective. Dear volunteer! Be attentive.