Let us just discuss the antonyms of few words in English in X out, open X close, dark X bright, love X?Just imagine what could be the antonym of the word love. The grammatical answer may be hatred but the ethical answer is love itself.

There is no negative sense or a negative reaction to the element of love. We may not love someone because of some hidden narrow thoughts.But for a person of positive mind, anything seems loving. In fact, the whole world seems loving. Let us not restrict our love. Just love the merits and love theapproach towards us. Let us not regulate love to certain fields and to certain limitations because love is not physically linked between any individuals.It is a shape of thought, form of a word and an act of a selfless deed. May be god has created us all with relations and without relations, with bondages and without bondages to love each other. Hence, we declare that love is eternal and universal.

Holding this loving thought, our volunteer Mr.M.Dilleswararao had identified a poor lady Mrs.P.Bhagyalakshmi at Pathapatnam, Srikakulam Dist. who lost her husband in a road accident and dragging her miserable life with two kids in a painful way. Earlier her husband worked as a tailor. His skill of tailoring has now become a bread winning source for this poor lady. LAASA has provided livelihood by purchasing a sewing machine for this young lady to lead her life. We have shown a permanent path of earning to this needy family. Our volunteer has no bondage with this particular poor family but he has highest care towards his surroundings and towards his fellow beings. LAASA believes in one particular statement i.e. “We are born to love”.