Man is now able to soar into outer space and reach up to the moon; but he is not moral enough to live at peace with his neighbor! Making human relations with love and concern is the true sense of meaningful life. We may be fully aware of worldly and scientific knowledge. But we have to check ourselves whether our smile and love is reaching to the near and dear or not. Do not hold little mistakes done by others. Do not think negatively regarding behavior of others. Always try to forgive and give your love. This is the first step of Excellency of life. We are the similar human beings who do even some mistakes by knowing or unknowing. Do not forget that many are forgiving us to make us happy. Think that each individual is reflection of you.

As the next step, we must render at least a selfless help of wiping out a few tears of the suffering people living around us. The brotherhood of mankind is the best statement to be implemented. Hope this world will hold more fragrance of love.

In these lines, our volunteer B.Sumati and team had identified 3 women of one family driving their heavy lives with deepest problems and without a male support.

A poor old lady by name V.Lakshmi and her daughter and her daughter at K.Kotapadu village, Visakhapatnam are feed by LAASA under 100 day food project.

We have a great commitment which leads us to the shores of contentment and we get the gems of happiness on the banks of loving hearts. We the LAASA spread the fragrance of love and feel the beauty of this loving world.