The spontaneous response from the bottom of the heart can be called as true service. It needs no motivation, just needed love intention. This is proved by the volunteers of LAASA foundation. Several volunteers have showered the love and compassion upon the earthquake victims of Nepal. The splendid hearts had spread the fragrance of mercy. A single message by our LAASA has gathered the blossomed hearts together, as a bunch we could be able to serve the needy at Nepal.

The divinity in the human is really the master. Sometimes it predicts and makes us act and gives a shape of fact. An addressing to 25 students at Andhra University, Visakhapatnam by the founder of LAASA Mr.D.S.V.Bharadwaj made many minds think over the need of loving and serving.

Miss Anjali Bhattarai from Nepal was one among the gathering. She instantly associated with LAASA with the motivation of her beloved friend Miss S.Amitha Sri. After few days of this instant, the great tragedy hugged Nepal in way of a major earthquake. We all witnessed thousands of deaths and several lakhs homeless. With the requisition of Anjali Bhattarai, LAASA has taken up humanity step in way of help to Nepal by providing food, medicine, cotton, bandages, candles, match boxes, sanitary pads, diapers, tarpaulins and other basic need material. The volunteers of LAASA have responded fabulously in doing help to


Nepal. The 32 carton boxes weighs 500 kilos of material was sent through a Nepali student team to the earth quake effected areas. There the LAASA team have walked on foot up hill and distributed these basic need material in most remote villages like Lamjung, Purnokot and many.
Heartfelt regards:

· To Miss Anjali Bhattarai and her team members for choosing LAASA and taking the little help provided by LAASA to the neediest people to earth quake affected areas of Nepal.

· To all the volunteers who contributed specially to this unique service project of “Help to Nepal” with spontaneous serving spirit.

Our contribution may be little to this massive disaster but certainly our love towards the brothers and sisters of Nepal is bonded with humanity. We the LAASA do feel a bit satisfaction that we are able to drop a tiny fruit into the lap of Nepal as a token of concern and service. For this foundation, there is no barrier of country, religion, caste and creed. Love is our lens and Service is our sense.