Blood is red; it is created by the bread. It is a source and force to the human body. It makes us run and also the creator of fun. If it is affected by any disease, the body will fall like a waterfall from top to the down.

Life is a fruit cannot imagine its taste. It may be sweet or sour, bitter or more. The sweetest smell vanishes because of the highest bitter touch. The life is miserable.

If the above said two paragraphs are mixed, the condition is horrible. The fate sometimes plays football with innocent lives of poor people.

A 21 year old young boy Mr.M.Dhanunjay Rao at Srikakulam studying graduation who was working part timely in an Internet center, holding highest values of blood donation and other service oriented thoughts. He was affected by the deadly disease Leukemia. Daily wage worker parents fell down with grief to the miserable fate of their young son. The friends and the parents cried to the skies for this pathetic condition.

This matter was dropped into the lap of LAASA by volunteers Mr.R.Sivaji and Mr.M.Rajeswara Rao. LAASA responded with a bouncy speed and consulted the oncologist and joined this young patient at M.N.J.Institute of oncology, Hyderabad.

Apart from the ethical and moral support, LAASA has assisted financially towards serious medical treatment for this chronic deadly disease. One must not forget the base of humanity, the face of purity. These two may take us forward in the race of life. We are not able to fill the joy in the eyes of the poor patient but certainly we wipe out his tears with our loving hands. Our vision is loving and our intention is serving and we hope many good hearts walk in the path of LAASA.