Where can we go to find God if we cannot see him in our own hearts and in every living being? Where can we find goodness if it is not shown by us? Where can we find love if it is not being experienced?

All these questions will certainly have an answer and that is quite simple. We should bend and serve the needy like a mother bends to take her child up. Any amount of worldly affairs cannot be matched to a single and simple selfless deed.

Our volunteer Mr.K.Trinadha Rao has determined to give support the most needy person Mr.P.Golla of Langalavala(v), Srikakulam dist. Mr.P.Golla has recently met with an accident and a surgery to heart has been done. As a daily wage labor, his bedrest period has cursed his large family with difficulties and sorrows. We the LAASA provided food under 100 day food project. A tear is powerful than fear. Oh dear friends! Let us come near to help our dear.