One has to imbibe humility and obedience, along with education. True education gives you humility; from humility you get the deservedness; from such deservedness you will get wealth; from wealth you will get dharma and from dharma you will get happiness in the material as well as spiritual world. Therefore, one should learn to be humble and conduct oneself with humility. Today, although the students learn very little, they feel very proud. Because of this, they are losing the broad hearts that they should have. Education is not intended to simply amass wealth. It is intended to reveal the true and sacred nature of life. Give up pride of status, wealth, scholarship and position, and practice humility, obedience, discipline and compassion.

All these things were needed for a human being to reach the status of selflessness. This status will create humanity and love flow from such compassionate heart. Learning may develop knowledge but our earning also must provide the fruit of satisfaction to our life. This is witnessed by our volunteer Mr.G.Apparao by admitting a selfless deed. He identified a poor, old and orphan lady G.Achiyamma at K.Kotapadu Village, Visakhapatnam Dist. She is struggling hard to get at least a little medicine and food.

LAASA lovingly hugged and wiped out this poor old lady’s tears by providing food and medicine. LAASA’s active volunteer V.Hemalatha have initiated this activity and provided her heart felt support.

A selfless step will take us more close to the true bliss. Let us all try our level best to walk on the path having love and service as boundaries on the either side. This is LAASA’s highway-humanity way.