He, who is ever ready to sacrifice his comfort for helping another, is a genuine devotee. Always remember that tyaga (sacrifice) is the highest and best form of spiritual practice. You have to sacrifice your time, money resources and energy. Seva (selfless service) can be identified by two basic characteristics – compassion and willingness to sacrifice. One’s heart really fills with joy when he engages with hardy toil and sacrifices his personal comforts in order to make others happy. What the world needs is work done in that spirit. Merit that can be obtained from Seva cannot be acquired even from the practice of rigorous austerities. Seva brings human beings closer to each other, and promotes affection and friendship. Without this friendship and feeling of love for one’s fellowmen, one cannot attain intimacy with the Lord.

Every one of us will think to do some sort of service but only some of us will try and a few will succeed. Our volunteer Mr.P.S.Rama Rao is one of the successful person who loved and hugged even the leprosy effected patients. Let us all put our hands together in praise of his noble service.

LAASA provided 33 pairs of chappal to 33 leprosy affected patients at leprosy colony, Srikakulam. These chappals are specially designed for their measurements. Dear readers, in today’s life we make several things specially designed for us. Let us also design our thoughts, words and deeds with the instrument of humanity and add the color of love to make a designer life.