Code : A00143

Project : Medical Assistance

Volunteer : Mr.J.BharatCharan

Need : A poor lady patient’s stomach surgery.

She’s needed to be operated immediately.

LAASA’s Solution : Provided fee for hospitalization

Beneficiaries : Mrs.M.Rajyalaxmi

Location : Kalingapatnam Coast, Srikakulam Dist.

If you disturb the faith of others or devotion of others, it is ingratitude, treason; it is like pouring glowing cinders on a heap of flowers. God will not tolerate envy or malice or hatred among devotees. Adore any living being, the adoration reaches god, for he is in every being. Insult any living being, the insult too reaches god. So, expand love towards all, everywhere. A heart saturated with love of god can never entertain thoughts of violence. When you have love, you will have no hatred. Love for god must be manifested as love for fellow-beings.

This is the ultimate mantra which the yogis announce from ages. Love, the four letter word is more than a flower we worship, more than a candle we lit; it is more than any ritual of any religion. This love can be shown in just giving our hand to uplift the poor and downtrodden. If a heart charged with love, it will stand by and support the needy to just wipeout the tears.

Mrs.M.Rajyalaxmi (32) living in a fisherman’s Mathsalesam Village of Kalingapatnam Coast, Srikakulam Dist.Her husband is a polio patient and is not able to do anything. She was suffering from a severe stomach ache from last 5 months and the doctors have declared it as a tumor and to be operated on an immediate basis. This most deserving family has even no money to fill their bellies twice a day. The husband, polio patient stretched his arms and begged for a little money for her wife’s medical surgery. They were unable to meet the surgery amount. In this context, our volunteer Mr.J.BharatCharan has come to know this pathetic story through his car driver and immediately consulted the foundation.

LAASA like a mother hugs the most deserving needy and provides the available support with a loving heart. This medical assistance proves the oneness of humanity and the sweetness of selfless activity.