Code : A00150

Project : Medical Assistance

Volunteer : Mr.S.Ravikumar

Need : A poor, needy patient whose spinal cord was broken.

LAASA’s Assistance : Provided medicine and food.

Beneficiaries : Mr.A.Ganesh

Location : Ampolu Village, Srikakulam Dist.

Love of god is devotion which has to be expressed as sacrifice. The hallmark of love is selfless sacrifice. How to attain god’s grace and who is the god?The god is none other than the needy and the grace is the smile on his lips. Affix the signature of love on the cheque of sacrifice and surrender it with humanity. This is the royal path to attain peace and purity. It will lead you ultimately to liberation (Nirvana). Develop the spirit of sacrifice and sanctify your life with noble deeds. It is only through sacrifice that one attains oneness with Divinity.

A noble deed will certainly change the way we think, we speak and we do. It uplifts us from the normal sea to the ecstasy.This noble service we quote here is really a hallmark to LAASA. Our volunteer Mr.S.Ravikumar who was working at a high school in Ampolu Village, Srikakulam Dist. came across a tenth class boy’s father’s sad story.

The boy’s father Mr.A.Ganesh, a resident of Ampolu village was a daily wage labor migrated to Nellore for work. He fell down from a multi-stored building while working. His spinal cord was broken and a major surgery was done to his spinal cord at Visakhapatnam. His life was saved but his both legs are paralyzed and became senseless. This patient’s life limited only to bed and his wife is the only attendant to serve this most miserable patient. Even this patient does urinals and stools in a senseless voluntary way. There was no food to this very needy family who stays in a muddy hut. During nights, ants and rats are eating the legs of this patient as they are senseless.

LAASA stood with sincere responsibility and with true sense of humanity to this helpless patient and his family. We the foundation provided food and medicine to this most deserving patient with a thought that he is the real God to be served first. This pathetic story is really heart touching but LAASA is in debt to all of its volunteers who made the dream of serving the needy come true with their sacrificing service.