LAASA’s 2nd anniversary activity

Activity code : A000166

Project : Medical Assistance (Medicines & Hospitalization Aid)

Volunteers : G.V.Ramesh, K.V.Srinivas, B.Sirinivas, Ayyappa and Thavitiraju

Need : A poor and needy both kidney failure patient.

LAASA’s assistance : Provided food and medical assistance

Beneficiaries : Jagannadha Rao

Location : Chinnayyapeta village, Santhakaviti mandal, Srikakulam Dist.

A thought-took a shape of a good deed. A step towards a unique destiny has crossed 2 years of milestone. The essence of all epics and scriptures is LOVE ALL AND SERVE ALL lovingly named as LAASA has built 2 years of path way. Along this way many service activities blossom and spread the fragrance of humanity and share the nectar of love to many needy.

100 day food program : 66

Medical assistance : 32

Educational assistance : 32

Basic needs assistance : 32

Health awareness camps : 4

This all happened not as a task, this all happened not with an intention. Hundreds of loving hearts clap together with love to make a sound of service. The hearts of LAASA volunteers are the flowers to this garland of love. Their support towards foundation is matchless. Their immense love towards human service is definitely appreciable. Let us all continue this motto to just wipe out a few tears of people around us. We salute and dedicate our gratitude to the Divinity and sacrifice of each LAASA volunteer.

As a mark of our LAASA’s 2nd anniversary, LAASA foundation has provided food and medical assistance to Mr.Jagannadha Rao, a both kidney failure patient at Chinnayyapeta village, Santhakaviti mandal, Srikakulam Dist. He was leading a miserable life with the help of a widow sister and his old mother. Our volunteers Mr.G.V.Ramesh, K.V.Srinivas, B.Sirinivas, Ayyappa, Thavitiraju father of Tholapi Srinivas have taken part in this heart-felt service program.

Each day we spend will end. Each meal we take will end. Each joy we feel will end. Each comfort we experience will end. But the contentment we get by doing a selfless help to the deserving has no end. This is just the beginning of this unique mission of LAASA foundation.