Top most ritual

Code : A00175

Project : Medical Assistance

Volunteers : A.Balakrishna and team

Need : Kidney transplantation, post-operative care patient.

LAASA’s Assistance : Provided medical assistance.

Beneficiaries : G.Devendranath

Location : Srikurmam, Srikakulam Dist.

The traditional number of created beings is 84 lakhs, and man is the final item of the evolutionary procession. Why did the number stop at 84 lakhs? It stopped because man is the zenith, the fullness; he is God in fact, though he has ignored the truth and holds fast to the belief that he is just a man. He is endowed with mind, intelligence, reasoning faculty and ego; all four in an integrated personality, whereas the birds and beasts and all other species have mostly ego alone. But, man alone has the capacity to follow Truth, Righteousness, Peace and Love. If he does not evince that capacity and develop it, he is as bad as an ape or ogre.

We the LAASA, believing the above lines, rendered various service activities just for the sake of contentment. We have provided medical assistance to Mr.G.Devendranath, kidney transplantation, post-operative care patient at Visakhapatnam. The above said patient was resident of Srikurmam, Srikakulam Dist. Our volunteer Mr.A.Balakrishna and team have initiated this noble service deed.

Man is supreme and service towards human is top most ritual we practice