Believe in and live in

Activity code A000232

Project food&nutritution(including 100 day food programme)

Volunteer GV S sivaram

Need as bellies starving with great hunger and with lack of food

Beneficiaries j.sriramulu(physically challenged and his four children also physically challenged), V.lakshmi (poor and deserving lady), L.surappadu (physically challenged), L.pentamma(mentally challenged).

Laasa’s support provided food provisions

Location Arinamaakkivalasa , srikakulam.

You should merge your welfare with the wel­fare of the world. How can be happy when your neighbour is in misery? Lassa call upon you to give up praying for your own ad­vancement. Pray for the peace, prosperity and happiness of all humanity, irrespective of clime or colour. Pray intensely and with faith. Then grace will be showered on you. When the heart is soaked in love, it cannot be contaminated by ego­ism and its evil consequences.

The story we are going to mention is patristic our volunteer mr.gvs sivaram have identified these needy famiies at arinamaakkivalsa, srikakulam. J.sriramulu who is physically and his four children are also physically challenged this family is totally disabled to move and get food. A needy old lady , l. surrappudu (physically challenged) and his daughter l.pentamma who is mentally challenged. These deserving persons are strectching their arms for a handfull of rice.

God has given much to many we as a human being must do to victions our humanity. With a true sense of love laasa provided 100 day food project to these needy people. The earth may rotate around the sun but all the hearts of this globe will rotate around the love this is what we believe in and we livein.