The ultimate spiritually

Activity code A000242

Project medical assistance

Volunteer K.prasad

Need deserving for medicine and need of a folding cot

Beneficiaries patro yendu (poor old orphan patient)

Laasa’s support provided medicine and folding cot

Location pathapatnam, srikakulam.

(Neither by penance nor by taking baths in sacred waters; neither by the study of scriptures nor through meditation can one cross this ocean of worldly life. This ocean of worldly life can only be crossed by rendering service to the needy. Releasing this truth our laasa volunteers render wonders of selfless deeds who spread the frangance of love and light of compassion.
Our volunteer mr. kalivarpu Prasad with a kind heart handed over the laasa support to a most deserving orphan patient patro yendu who is bed redden at pathapatnam. Srikakulam.

We the laasa provided medicine and folding cot to this needy patient who has no and even and no proper shelther . our goal is god , god is none another the beneficiary. We do only the worship the worship of service we thought that this is the ultimate spiritually