Seva- a better form of sadhana to please God


Project:Food & Nutrition (Including 100 day food program)

Volunteer:D SantoshKumar Nehru

Need:Poor and deserving woman

LAASA’s Solution:Provided food under 100 day food program


Location:Gumadam Village, Laveru Mandal, Srikakulam, AP.

The path of service is superior to all the spiri­tual practises like japa(recitation), dhyana(med­itation) and yoga. Only through service can you please God.

Know that seva(selfless service) is a better form of sadhana(spiritual discipline) than even dhyana(meditation). How can God appreciate the dhyanayou do when adjacent to you, you have someone in agony, whom you do not treat kindly, for whom you do not make all efforts to help? Do not keep yourself apart, intent on your own sal­vation, through japa(recitation) or dhyana. Move among your brothers and sisters, looking for op­portunities to help but have the name of God on the tongue and the form of God before the eye of the mind. That is the highest sadhana.

D Santosh Kumar Nehru, volunteer of LAASA foundation has identified a poor and orphan lady T.Sattemma(age 40) who was not even able to win bread for the day. LAASA provided food under 100 day food program to this needy woman at Gumadam village, Laveru Mandal, Srikakulam Dist., AP.

We the LAASA are striving hard to help the needy and serve them with unselfish love to see the joy on the faces of fellow beings.