Do your duty


Project:Educational Assistance


Need:A needy and deserving student

LAASA’s Solution:Provided educational assistance


Location:Srikakulam, AP.

A wealthy person has been able to acquire riches only with the help of others. Realising this, that person has a duty to extend help to others in need. The human being derives strength from three sources: wealth, knowledge and the phy­sique. The power derived from these sources should be used properly for right ends.

Our volunteer as his responsibility identified a needy student L.Ashrith at Srikakulam, AP. He is studying Intermediate second year. Ashrith lost his father and his mother is a house wife. They are not able to manage for his college fee. LAASA provided educational assistance to this needy and deserving student.

Why has God given hands to you? They are not given to scribble something on paper. They should be fully engaged in the service of God. Work is worship. Duty is God. Do your duty.