Serve to Fight Depression

Project:LAASA 100 Day Food Programme
Volunteer:KilariSrinivasa Rao
Need:Food for a poor old couple of age 65 who work for a daily wage
LAASA’s Solution:Provide food for 100 Days
Beneficiaries:JedaRambabu and JedaRajulamma
Location:TTD Kalyanamandapam, Srikakulam

“Lack of idealism is the main cause of depression among young people today. Life appears to be so meaningless to these children, who are either too scared of the competitive world or bogged down by too much stimulation. They need inspiration, and spirituality is that inspiration.Depression sets in if there is a lack of zeal to fight. Aggression is the antidote to depression. Depression is lack of energy; anger and aggression are bolts of energy.When Arjuna was depressed, Krishna inspired him to fight and thus breathed life back into him. If you are depressed, do not take Prozac—just fight for any cause. If aggression crosses a certain limit, it leads you back into depression. That is what happened with King Ashoka who won the Kalinga War but became depressed. He had to take refuge in Buddha.

Wise are those who do not fall either into aggression or depression. That is the golden rule of a yogi. Just wake up and acknowledge you are a yogi…”

– Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

To overcome depression and aggression, LAASA’s recommendation is to serve the needful people.As an initiative, has followed the path unveiled by Sri Ravi Shankar by providing food sufficient for 100 days under LAASA 100-day Food Programme for the well deserving couple of JedaRambabu and JedaRajulamma of age 65 who are so poor that they don’t even have a proper home to stay and had to do work as daily wage workers to feed their bellies in and around TTD Kalyanamandapam area, Srikakulam.LAASA salutes Mr. KilariSrinivasa Rao for his survey in the corners of the town to find such poor souls who can get valid help from the foundation.

Mr. Sinivasa Rao has found a way by serving elderly people to overcome aggression and depression there by waking up the inner yogi self of his. As always LAASA is to Love all and Serve All to infinity and beyond.