Service – True meaning is to give relief from suffering

Project:Food and Nutrition
Volunteer:VemuruNageswara Rao
Need:A poor kid suffering from HIV
LAASA’s Solution:Provide food for 100 Days
Beneficiaries:V Sai Mallikarjun (15)
Location:Gudiveedhi, Srikakulam

“What is the meaning of service? To give relief from suffering… if you are situated in the transcendental position you have no more demand and are not disturbed even in the greatest difficulty. This is life—to be satisfied in any condition. And this peace can be achieved only by giving relief to the suffering person.”

– The Gita[6:22]

A good deed can always make you feel as the epitome of the Universe. When this becomes a practice, you actually feel down to the Earth and pretty satisfied because service to the suffering makes you humble. LAASA salutes its volunteer VemuruNageswara Raowho has identified this truth and thereby helping V Sai Mallikarjun(15) from Gudiveedhi, Srikakulam – a poor young HIV suffering child whose parents are expired because of HIV and living with his grandmother. LAASA provided them food under 100-day Food Programme. As always LAASA is to Love all and Serve All to infinity and beyond.