Code : A000307
Project : Educational Assistance
Volunteer : Kollipara Parvathi Devi
Need : 2 needy and deserving students
LAASA’s Solution : Provided educational assistance
Beneficiaries : Vivek and Vineeth
Location : Hyderabad
When you see a person doing service to oth¬ers with love, you have to respect him or her. It is not the formal action that counts. Only the good heart behind the action is entitled to respect and regard. So we should develop a tender heart filled with love rather than act mechanically. If there is no love in the heart, there is no use in doing any¬thing whatsoever.
With such an attitude of serving and supporting those who serve, our volunteer Kollipara Parvathi Devi had identified two poor and deserving students Vivek (9th standard) and Vineeth (7th standard) at Hyderabad. Their mother Kavitha is working as a house keeping support staff in GMK Research Laboratories was not earning enough that she was not able to buy books for her children. We the LAASA provided educational assistance to these deserving students.