Code : A00332
Project : Food & Nutrition (Including 100 Day Food Programme)
Volunteer : Challa Yerram Naidu
Need : Poor and needy patient
LAASA’s Solution : Provided medical assistance
Beneficiaries : Anepu Mahesh
Location : Chinnabaratam Street, Srikakulam.
Love is the means and also the end of our spiritual journey. Selfless service is love in action that ultimately leads to Self-realisation. At the physical level, selfless service brings happiness to those being served. Seeing others happy makes us happy. Selfless service, when practised as a spiritual discipline, brings about transformation of character and purification of the inner self. It helps us overcome the chief enemies of spiritual progress such as egoism, pride, hatred, lust and envy. And, it helps cultivate virtues such as humility, generosity, equanimity and compas¬sion. Selfless service purifies the inner consciousness, allowing the splendour of the Atma to shine through.
Following this only motto of “serving the needy with love” our volunteer Challa Yerram Naidu has identified a poor and needy patient Anepu Mahesh at Chinnabaratam Street, Srikakulam. Mahesh is a cook. He left leg was damaged due to which he is unable to earn. His wife is working as servant maid and was not earning enough to manage the medical expenses. We the LAASA has provided medical assistance to this poor and needy patient.