Code : A000334
Project : Medical Assistance (Medicines & Hospitilization Aid)
Volunteer : D.Sai Kumar and V.Srikanth
Need : Poor and needy patient
LAASA’s Solution : Provided medical assistance
Beneficiaries : B.Sridhar
Location : Hyderabad
Any activity solely intended for the in¬dividual is, on that account, barren. For the com¬munity is essential for the individual, for his very survival. Your service will confer on you and on the community wherein you live untold benefits. It will also bring an invisible but potent benefit, namely divine grace. Sevā (selfless service) is an important ingredient in the nine-fold discipline of bhakti (devotion). You can see, sense, understand and sympathize with others who are akin to you and so you have greater reason to render them help and service When you do not love the human being, your heart will not love God. Despising brother man, you cannot at the same time worship God. If you do, God will not accept that hypocrisy. God is the resident in every heart. So offer service to anyone. That service reaches the God within a hu¬man being. It brings on you the grace of God.
Following this path of service, our volunteers D.Sai Kumar and V.Srikanth has identified a poor and needy patient B.Sridhar at Hyderabad. He lost his father. He is living with his mother and 3 brothers. He is the bread winner of the family. He is working as an electrician and was recently caught with electric shock during work. The family is living in a pathetic situation. We the LAASA has provided medical assistance to this needy and deserving patient.