Code : A000363
Project : Educational Assistance
Volunteer : Juttu Ramarao
Need : Poor and needy student
LAASA’s Solution : Provided educational assistance
Beneficiaries : Bongu Balamma
Location : Mubagam Village, Polaki Mandal, Srikakulam Dist., AP.
Everyone should act up to the motto: Help Ever, Hurt Never. Every educated person should engage himself or herself in selfless service to society with humility and a pure heart. All academic distinctions or even observance of spiritual practices is of no use if there is no love in the heart. Love and compassion are inherent in every person. Each must share this love with others. Failure to share one’s love is gross ingratitude to society, to which one owes everything. One should give one’s love freely to others and receive love in return. This is the deep significance of human life. The same God is present in all. Hence, regard the entire universe as one big family and love all without exception. Vyasa (a great sage) has declared that service to man is the highest form of worship. Do not offend or harm anyone. That is true adoration of God for, in truth, the other is you yourself. Awareness of this Truth is moksha (liberation). Share your joy, your wealth and your knowledge, with others less fortunate. That is the surest means of earning Divine Grace.
Knowing this truth, our volunteer Juttu Ramarao has identified a poor and needy student Bongu Balamma at Mubagam Village, Polaki Mandal, Srikakulam Dist., AP. She is studying Intermediate Second Year. She lost her father and her mother is working as a daily wage labor. She is not able to pay the college fee due to their poverty. We the LAASA has provided educational assistance to this needy and deserving patient.