Code : A000384
Project : Medical Assistance (Medicines & Hospitilization Aid)
Volunteer : Yellapu Chandrasekhar
Need : Poor and deserving needy patient
LAASA’s Solution : Provided medical assistance
Beneficiaries : Ramanamma
Location : Gavarapalem, Anakapalle, Visakhapatnam Dist.
The major obstacles that stand in the way of selfless service are: ego and attachment; and the feeling of doer-ship and enjoyer-ship. One should strive to overcome these obstacles through selfless service. Service done in a pure, selfless manner then becomes yoga—leading to union with God. When we realize “service to man is service to God”, we also experience the ultimate truth – “God pervades everything”.
With this thought of oneness of God and humans, our volunteer Yellapu Chandrasekhar has identified a poor and needy woman Ramanamma at Gavarapalem, Anakapalle, Visakhapatnam Dist. Ramanamma is suffering with kidney problem. She lost her husband, and her son is studying Degree. They’re in a miserable condition that they are not able to pay for her treatment. We the LAASA provided medical assistance to this deserving patient.