“From the four Vedas, our ancients have picked up four very special statements (Mahavakhyas) and taught their meaning to us. These four are Prajnanam Brahma, Ayam Atma Brahma, Tat Tvam Asi and Aham Brahmasmi. These statements imply that Brahman (Divine) is synonymous to Prajnana (Knowledge), and that the Atma (Soul) is Brahman, and that Brahman is yourself. In these we will be able to see that in the dissolved state everything is one and the same. In this state of dissolution all bad and good, things that are attractive and things that are not attractive, appear as one and the same. All things look as if they are one and the same. The difference between names and forms is not distinguishable. In this state one can only experience bliss. Simply because one does not perceive light within, the individual should not say that there is no Brahman within. In everyone this capacity to shine is present as Prajnana..”
– Anonymous
LAASA salutes its volunteer Nagavalli Gurayya who has explained the meaning and the inner essence of all the vedas by identifying needy people – Lotti Anandharao and his wife a poor couple, residents of K.Gopalapuram Village, Pathapatnam Mandalam who are facing much difficult even for food. LAASA has committed to extend hand by providing the necessary Food & Nutrition (Including 100 Day Food Programme) that would help them to provide food for 100 days.
The basic essence of all the Vedas is to serve the needful with purity at heart with unity. As always LAASA is to Love all and Serve All to infinity and beyond.