Code : A000502
Project : Medical assistance
Volunteer : Batna Venkataramana
Benificiaries : Botcha kiran
Need : A Poor Little boy Need Medical assistance
Location : Vombay colony
Title : Sense of love
Seva opens the eye of man to the comprehensive utility of creation. When you open the lids , You see the world , the stars , the galaxies that are far out in the deapth of space .witnessing these beautiful scenes with their sense of love our volunteer Mr .Batna venkata ramana noticed a deserving patient who is a just age of little 10 . Botcha kiran age -10, resident of vambai colony srikakulam. This boy met with a road accident and his right hand is severely damaged. He had undergone a surgery . His parent’s prabavathi and rajarao are daily wage labour they have no money event to purchase medicine for this poor little kid. We LAASA provided medical assistance to this poor little kid
there is only two way traffic which we think in this business of love that is giving and taking but this is incorrect love always grows on the point of giving and never turns its face towards taking hence someone may give the love back towards or not it is immaterial our truthful job is to give the love and to give only the love….