Code : A000506
Project : Medical Assistance
Volunteer : Landa Gajendra kumar
Benificiaries : Krishna kumara das
Need : A Poor man need medical assistance
Location : Tekkali , Srikakulam
Title : ocean of hope
India is a land where the triple spiritual discipline of Discipline, Devotion and Duty was the first laid down, and where it has had the largest number of votaries through the ages. These are keys to the self-less human service which we do perform from several ages. with a an underline note of these lines our volunteer Mr gajendra kumar came forward to handover the support of LAASA to the most deserving patient .krishna kumari das a patient of overian cancer. She is staying in tekkali srikakulam. as this patient had no support of anyone husband is a fits patient and son a b tech student cannot help with their family member. Because of their miserable poverty. Earlier we had supported this patient. Now, this patient is in great need of medical treatment and food. i do request LAASA to support this case
We the LAASA provide not only medical support but also the moral support by standing with the family members infavour of this needy patient
Always remember tears are tiny but the grief is an ocean the finger tip we use to wipe out a tear is also a very little but it gives an ocean of hope to the deserving person. We the LAASA a sea of love where each drop is also the love itself . Hence we