Code : A000513
Project : Educational Assistance
Volunteer : Lade Appala Raju
Benificiaries : Bratam Sandeep
Need : A poor student need educational assistance
Location : Rajiv Gruha Kalpa , Srikakulkam
Title : Such magical power
In the path of service that you have chosen, there should be no bumps of doubt or jump of deviation. Move on steadily and bravely, with your eyes fixed on the goal and the Grace of the lord. This statement really gives LAASA to move further. Our objective is universality of human oneness and equanimity among the communities we thoroughly follow this in our each deed we perform here is such educational assistance service project rendered through our volunteer Lade Appla raju. Baratam sandeep age-20, resident of rajiv gruha kalpa, block -11, plot no-2, collector office, Srikakulam. He is studying b tech 3rd year mechanical his father however a lung patient cannot even pay the minimum college fee. More over this student is working as a milk boy to feed the house. To this very needy student we the LAASA provided college fee.
Dreams and goals of individuals may take us to the happy lands temporarily but a self less gentle touch with a love feel really keeps our mind in the joy land forever there is such magical power to selfless human service we aimed and admire it ……..