Code : A000536
Project : Medical Assistance
Volunteer: Kaspa narayanarao
Benificiaries : Simhadri Srinu , Appalanarasamma
Need : two poor patients in dire need for medicine
Location : Arasavilli , Srikakulam
Title : one slogan
When you offer Seva to mankind, the God will naturally be pleased and you can win grace. Remember, with each act of love and service, you are nearing the divine presence. LAASA we believe in this and we feel that we are just serving the almighty. We provided medical assistance to deserving patients through our volunteer Mr. kaspa naryana rao . Simhadri srinu age-35 is a resident of arasavalli village, srikakulam district. He is very sick suffering from a deadly lung infective disease and he has two children. His wife s sridevi is the only person to take care of him. he is in great need of medicine and medical treatment . Amalapuram appalanarasamma age-45 is a resident of arasavalli village, srikakulam district. She has under gone a leg surgery and unable to move her from bed. Her husband is a drunkard person and she has no money to purchase even medicine. We the LAASA provided medical assistance to these needy patients we always share our love and provide our care for the most deserving persons.
Many sufferers feel that there is no one for them but, just think of as a human being we can love our fellow men nothing is greater than this feel LAASA is trying to build up this attitude among its volunteers and it stand with only one slogan That is …….

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