Code : A000555
Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance
Volunteer : Dumpa Krishnamurthy
Benificiaries : Vadaga Annapurna
Need : A poor woman need food & nutrition
Location : Mirayapalli, L.N. Peta Mandalam , Srikakulam
TITLE : Destiny of attornality
The most precious possession is mental equanimity; and it is the one thing you cannot give, even if you have it. But, You can enlighten people on the disciplines through which mental equanimity can be gained and peace can be won LAASA inner purification is needed in order to get the true joy inside of us we have to start that process of purification from the level of thought process with his divine thought we LAASA provided food and nutrition assistance project to the deserving through our volunteer Mr. D krishma murthy
Vadaga annapurna , age-36 is a resident of Mirayapalli l.n. peta mandalam, srikakulam. she lost her husband and she is an HIv patient. She is leading her life on her own working as a daily wage labour. She has a child who has been taken care by her relatives to this deserving hiv patient we provided nutrition food for her survival
Run and run even in the sandy desert land some day we will reach the oasis if we give up running we will never reach our destiny likewise in this hard core human life we should try hard to reach the destiny of eternality only that practicing humanity this what we observed at LAASA…..LOVE ALL AND SERVE ALL