Code : A000564
Project : Medical assistance
Volunteer : Tejomurtula Venkata satya ramesh
Benificiaries : Mantri Rao Santhosh Kumar
Need : A poor man need medical assistance
Location : : Kunchala Kurmaipeta, Srikakulam
Title : Service to humanity
One cannot cross the ocean of the cycle of births and deaths by visiting holy places, counting prayer beads or studying scriptures. It is only possible to do so by performing service. LAASA here provided a service of this kind under medical assistance service project through our volunteer Mr. venkat sathya ramesh. Mantri rao Santosh kumar, is a resident of kunchala kurmam peta, Srikakulam. he is working as a priest in a temple. Recently he met with a road accident and his leg and thigh are broken. He had under gone a major surgery and doctors advised him to take bed rest for minimum one year. His wife and his two children are depends on him. His economical conditions are very poor even to purchase medicine. We the LAASA supported and providing medicine to this deserving patient.
Devotional practices are secondary and primary is the service to humanity realize this to have most self-satisfied life .LAASA does each of its act with this very note we..