Code : A000566
Project : Educational Assistance
Volunteer : Bompada Rama mohan rao
Benificiaries : Baratam Joshna
Need : A poor girl need educational assistance
Location : Vambay Colony, Srikakulam
Title : In favor of poor
It is the primary duty of the volunteer to give up the thought of utility of an act of service to one’s self and consider service for the benefit of others alone as being truly selfless in character. Service without expectation of gratitude is the true definition of selfless service. We the LAASA provided educational assistance service through our volunteer Mr. Bompada Ram mohanrao. Baratam joshna, age-16 is a resident of vambay Colony, Srikakulam. She has joined inter first year. Her father is a lung patient and in very deserving conditions. He is unable to provide college fee and uniforms because of his miserable poverty. We the LAASA provided college fee to this most deserving student.
When there is no one is know, we are there when things are hard please notice that our love is there. we expects nothing and we do everything in favor of poor and needy because..WE