Code : A000571
Project : Educational Assistance
Volunteer : Gondu Taviti naidu
Beneficiaries : Mantri Vamsi Krishna
Need : A poor young boy need educational support
Location : Voppangi
Title : Life is a chance
life is a chance not to prove us but to realize ourselves with in the stream of time we must realize that what that we are and why here we are for which job are we here glory is the goodness which is not just a moment but it last forever when you feel the festivity throughout the life on every glim to witness such tremendous bliss. we LAASA rendered an educational assistance service project through our volunteer MR. Gondu taviti naidu.
Mantri vamsikrishna age-16, is a resident of voppangi village, srikakulam. This deserving boy is the son of our beloved volunteer late Mantri Ramappdu who recently died in a road accident. this young boy on the cross roads waiting for a support which could hug him and give comfort and provide education .we as an instrument stand by him and supported with a maximum energy with what we could
Enjoying each minute delivers a new baby of self-satisfaction which we could preserve it in the treasures of our heart we can recollect and feel the rejoice when it is done the enjoying us not the physical entertainment but just doing a little of selfless thing like we do always at LAASA….

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