Code : A000574
Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance
Volunteer : konchada krishna bagavan
Beneficiaries : Palli Pagadalamma
Need : A poor orphan need food & nutrition support
Location : Haridwaram
Title : Birth and death are inevitable
This birth has been undertaken by you, for this very mission; the mission of crucifying the ego in the cross of compassion. An opportunity to be of some service to a fellow – man comes across to you as a gift from a god. LAASA does a service of this kind under food & nutrition assistance service project through our volunteer Mr. konchada krishna bagavan. P.pagadalamma, native of haridwaram vill, pathapatnam mandal, she is orphan disabled women has no income, no benefits from govt, she has no disabled certificate also to get disabled pension. We LAASA provided food provisions to these deserving women.
Birth and dearth are inevitable and which are not bother in our hands the life in between can be desired and designed according to the will and wish but remember the result or the reflections of our each deed must be experienced by us only in order to enjoy the bliss. Let us do the best in terms of our imagination work functioning and behavior aspect LAASA admires to effect all these through with a single shot that is..

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