Code : A000576
Project : Medical Assistance
Volunteer : korlam venugopal rao
Beneficiaries : Pachakanthula Srinivasarao
Need : A poor patient need medical assistance
Location : srikaulam
Title : God and creation
To realise the one, the universal absolute, which personalities itself into God and Creation, there is no discipline more valuable and more effective than SEVA. Here is such service performed under medical assistance service project through our volunteer Mr. koram venugopalrao. P.Srinivasarao age: 38, he is a plumber fell down from a slab while working. He is only person earning person in his family. Doctors advised rest in preparation to operation. We LAASA provide medical support to this most deserving patient.
sky is blue, milk is white, blood is red and love is eternal have this eternality by experience the true love give and give as much as you can give forgive and forgive as many as you can this is the foundation for a love mansion for a beautiful life creation..