Code : A000581
Project : Educational Assistance
Volunteer : Varada Srinivasa rao
Beneficiaries : B saivishnu
Need :A poor student need educational assistance
Location : Srikakulam
Title : Get knowledge give love
Self-less service should be regarded as the purpose for which man is given life. This feeling should flow through his nerves and blood-stream and permeate every cell of his body. Service is not a sense of fell but it is an element of life. It needs no proof and no roof it has no root and it has no fruit. It is the source for which everything is derived and the power of the source is the love. Make sure that we notice the very significance source with the observation and practice of love with these notifications LAASA performed here an educational assistance service project through our volunteer Mr. varada srinivasa rao.
A poor and meritorious student B.Sai Vishnu studying 7th class at Srikakulam. Sai Vishnu father B.Kameswara Rao working as a daily wage labour. His income was very low and not support his family and children education. And his children Uniform was still pending at school. We the LAASA provided support to the most deserving student.
Get knowledge give love take chance give service go forward come to then positive zoner think twice these are the characteristic of one individual who wishes to be the useful instrument to the society. LAASA foundation is to create this attitude among its members, not for the just execution of service activity to ensure the spiritual maturity and social concern..