Code : A000592
Project : Medical Assistance
Volunteer : Gandepalli Satyavathi
Beneficiaries : Gandepalli Ammalu
Need : A poor deserving patient need medical support
Location : Arasavilli Srikakulam
Title : Enthusiasm to serve
You must have not merely enthusiasm to serve, but, the intelligence and the skill; then only can be efficient and useful. Enthusiasm without efficiency is often a source of loss and grief. Our volunteers at LAASA are very enthusiastic in rendering the human service here is such medical assistance service project rendered through our volunteer Mr. Gandepalli Sathyavathi. Gandepalli Ammalu age-59, is a resident of arasavilli, srikakulam. she is very poor and needy kidney failure patient. She has even heart related complaints and there is no one to provide medicine or medical care to this most deserving patient. We provided complete medical support in favor of this needy.
Many are before to us with stretching arms some for food and some for medicine and some for life but it is sure that there are in a great need of love and care. We provide that love and care to our LAASA always to all because

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