Code : A000593
Project : Basic Needs Assistance
Volunteer : K V Surya Prakash
Beneficiaries : forty needy chosen by volunteers
Support : Provided Blankets to the needy and deserve
Location : Srikakulam
Title : Real celebration
With the very concept of love all and serve all the LAASA foundation is established in the year 2013 with a small group of 9 members today we are celebrating the 4th anniversary, Our strength of volunteers is above 1400 each minute step of LAASA leaves back a foot print of ideology where our intension is to serve the poor and needy as much as we can. As an intensified note of this very unique point he came forward to distribute 40 blankets to the most deserving through our 40 dedicated volunteers. Everything is the reflection of love and everyone is full of love aiming only the service to humanity with a responsibility of owning. We dedicate ourselves to the most sanctified human service. Our service to poor and needy is the real celebration to our LAASA foundation.
LAASA Foundation as completed 4 years and 4th annual summit was conducted on 15 oct 2017 Sunday at YSR kalyana mandapam 7 road junction Srikakulam. on this occasion LAASA has identified 40 dedicated volunteers and honored them by presenting appreciation certificates , along with this foundation presented a blanket to a selected volunteer and requested them to donate it to the most needy they find. this is unique way of honoring to the title of “HONOUR FOR SERVICE TO SERVICE” LAASA has also presented new clothes to beneficiaries who attended the meet and given their feed backs

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