Code : A000595
Project : Personality Development
Beneficiaries : 555 students of, narasannapeta board.
Need : To enlighten and brighten the students
Location : narasannapeta, srikakulam
Title : self blossoming
Do not seek to exercise authority over others; seek rather to discover chances to be useful to them. When one neglect his duties, the positions of authority start causing headaches. Above the authority there is a sense of pleasing where we can make others listen to us through the way of love and service these are the preliminary observation one has to follow in order to lead are to render any service project. Here is such personality development service project through our founder Mr. Dsv Bhardvaj.
555 students of zilla parishad high school at narasannapeta board are trained with a talk given by LAASA founder sri.D.S.V. Baradwaj under the personality development for this project with the title “self-blossoming” these students belong to secondary higher category studying 6 th to 10th class ages from 11 to 16.
Inspiration is like an essential medicine each individual growing child must have a thorough inspiration which may guide them and set a road map to their own life this personality development session rendered by founder Dsv Bhardwaj has reached the hearts. The inspiring talk gave awareness over many angels of life .such as positive approach, admitting mature. Human relation, educational crisis management etc., we do all these at LAASA aiming only one thing that is

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